Ma's Bess Earth Blend

" Where we oath to ONLY use organic material!!!"


Founding family Ma's Bess Earth Blend is a black owned, small business, created in January 10, 2018. This business was created by, founder, Mrs Jacinth Clark who is assisted by her husband, Mr Hnthony Clark, and her five children:

  1. Cara Clark
  2. Careef Clark
  3. Careem Clark
  4. Careen Clark
  5. AND

  6. Careev Clark

Our company MBEB strives in ONLY using organic ingredients in making our products. In ensuring this we have our own 15 acres of planted farmed land. So come allow us to provide you with our quality organic services for each and everyone of your skin care needs!!!!

Quoted from "Samuel Taylor Coleridge"
The form is mechanic when on any given material we impress a predetermined form. The organic form, on the other hand, is innate, it shapes as it develops itself from within


Our Soaps foundation

All of our soaps are created with a natural vegetable Glycerin base

Size Price
5oz $500
10oz $1,000
15oz $1,500
20oz $2,000
$500 JMD
Which evaluates to $3.39 USD
$1,000 JMD
Which evaluates to $6.78 USD
$1,500 JMD
Which evaluates to $10.17 USD
$2,000 JMD
Which evaulates to $13.55 USD
Part of the soap creation process