​Kemar Cleon Haynes is a Jamaican Information Technology student currently studying at Northern Caribbean University in his third (3rd) year. He is twenty one (21) years of age as of August 20, 2021 and is the last child from both his mother and father side. He grew up in the community of Brockery, which is located in the Northeast seection of Manchester in the town of Christiana.He currently has a main interest in animation and video editing as a hobby and you will find him trying out new applications that can make things alot simplier while he edits. He is more on the anti social side of the spectrum though that is merely because he is afraid of the spotlight and unnecessary interactions. A quote Kemar always keeps close to him comes from Bruce Lee and he stated that-

"I’m not in this world to live up to your expectations and you’re not in this world to live up to mine."

Getting to know Kemar
I have gone through alot of institutions to get the knowledge I have and need to this day. Currently I am now attending Northern Caribbean University to increase my knowlege in Information Technology(IT). To see the full history of all the instution that Kemar Haynes has attended please click on the button below


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  3. Final Assignment


Kemar Hobbies

Main Hobbies Rare Hobbies
Competitive Video gaming Play board game
Reading sci-fi fiction books taking a interest in scientifical discoveries
Taking apart and fixing computers Coding of any sort
Watching animes and nerding out about mangas and comics Old art designs and war movies
Brainstorming insane ideas among friends actually implementing ways for these ideas to become a reality
Small time graphic designs Just about anything too complicated that renders me to get annoyed while editing my photos and videos
I am 50% gamer on console 50% an otaku

Some Of My Graphic Design Edits