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Thank you for visting my website. My name is Caswell Toranty, I'm on the path of becoming a a full stock Web Developer. This is my first Webpage, so don't expect anything fancy, rather; see me in the future if you want to see some fancy stuff.

On this site you will see different sections of how a website can layout and etc. Below you will see me demondstrating List, tables, Images, footnotes, captions etc. If you have any suggestions or any question Please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section below.

Thank You.

Let's begin with a table.

This table is demondstrating instruments played by persons and married status.

01. Musician Table

Name Age Instrument Played Status Musician
Drum Keyboard Bass
James Brown 35 Yes Yes Yes Married Yes
Caleb Matthews 26 No No No Married No
Alex Richards 30 Yes Yes No Married Yes

Up next is list.

Names of person who don't play any form of instruments

02. Unorder List

  • Pattrick Star
  • Jason Henrye
  • Shanique Collins
  • Zane Stewart
  • Jermain Bassaragh
  • Shanique Evans

Moving on to Order List

This list is showing number of persons who are going to music class.

03. Orderlist

  1. Danielle Mitchell
  2. Jenifer Mclean
  3. Odain Francis
  4. Dave Watte
  5. Jason Whyte

Next on the fly

This List is showing types of fruits

04. Detail List

Common Mango
East Indian