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About Me

My name is Donyalee Shields and I am from the parish of Manchester.

I enjoy my own company and many might see me as being anti social but I believe in loving

yourself first. God has blessed me with the greatest gift ever my "son" who I love dearly.

He is the love of my life and I dont know what I would be without him.


Work Profile

Title:Client Care Officer (CCO)

Place of employment: Sagicor Bank

Tenure:18 years of phenomenal service

Motto: Providing excellent customer service and going above and beyond to keep my clients happy.

Student Profile

Donyalee Shields
(876)487 8002
I am a student in the CIS
Department currently completing a Bsc. in Information Technology.

Time Table

Course Day Time
CPTR204 Mon. & Wed. 5 PM - 6:20PM
CPTR213 Mon. & Wed. 12:30PM - 1.50PM
Table 1: My Fall 2021 time table.

Inspritional Quotes

Always aim high,work hard,and care deeply about what you believe in.
When you stumble ,keep FAITH. When you are knocked down,get right back
up and never listen to anyone who says you cant or shouldn't go on.
By : Hillary Rodham Clinton

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