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My name is Darren Campbell, I am 20 Years of age. I was born to Claire Mitchell and Ray Campbell on the sixteen of June 1995 at the Mandeville Regional Hospital. I am a past student of the Manchester High School where I was engaged in the Robotics and Engineering and Domino Clubs. At the completion of my tenure at Manchester High School, I had received an Associate Degree in Environmental Science along with a high school Diploma. I am currently a student at the Northern Caribbean University where I am currently pursuing a Batchelor of Science degree In Computer Information Science, which I plan to use to catapult myself to new endeavours. I am one who is enthused by knowledge, empowerment of the poor and caring for the elderly. With that being said it is quite obvious that I desire to attain an education at the highest level if it is within God’s will for me. I enjoy reading fiction based books and gather information about the latest technology, specifically Artificial Intelligence. I live by the words, “Success without struggle is pointless”.